Professionals to Watch: Janet Seabrook

She raised her hand with enthusiasm, much faster than any of the other children sitting cross-legged in the circle. Granted, she was still just a little girl. However, Gary native Janet Seabrook already had big girl dreams. On that day, she knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she wanted to not only exclaim it to her teacher but her entire kindergarten class.
Janet wanted to be a doctor.

"I specifically remember all the kids laughing at my answer," says Dr. Janet Seabrook, Executive Director of Gary-based Community HealthNet. "Back in those days, the men were the doctors, and the ladies were the nurses. That was just the way it was. But I didn’t care. I loved the idea of using a stethoscope and taking care of people."


Luckily, not everyone laughed at her career aspirations. Her kindergarten teacher Mrs. Springer quickly explained to Janet and her fellow classmates that "you could be anything you wanted to be," and Janet believed every word. Read more…


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